Lucas Kirch Portfolio Freshman Example

Writing has always been a weaker point during school and it certainly showed in this paper I wrote for my Religious Studies course. The class was assigned a project where we had to research and talk to our family about our heritage and family tree. Although I found a lot about my family and the background I come from, I things I would change in this paper if I were editing it now. Overall, it is not horrible but there are a lot of unneeded sentences that can be condensed to make it flow better. I also did not utilize transition sentences very well as I just from one topic immediately to another.

Lucas Kirch Portfolio Sophomore Example

During my Sustainable Business class (BUS275) our class was toured around downtown Oshkosh where we got to see the businesses and restaurants. This was a fun activity for me because I did not know the downtown area existed until we went on that tour. The writing in this paper is certainly improved from my freshman year, but I still see mistakes and unwanted words/sentences that I would adjust to flow better. This class really intrigued me because we got to look at downtown Oshkosh from a sustainable point of view and see how money could be saved in different areas. In a later paper I wrote how UW-Oshkosh and businesses downtown need to help advertise themselves to students. Many new students do not know about the downtown area and it could make a student’s college experience more enjoyable.

Lucas Kirch Portfolio Junior Example

This paper is from Journalism 340 (New & Emerging Media) and we had the opportunity to research and interview and employer about their overall presence online. Having worked at a State Farm office the previous summer, this paper helped me get a better idea of where the agent was at online and what improvements could be made to help increase online visibility. This paper is much more improved than the previous two and I can see a difference in the quality of writing. I did a good job at making transitions as well as getting direct and to the point.

Lucas Kirch Portfolio Senior Example

During this assignment for Journalism 440 our class wrote about the non-profit organization we were teamed up with. In this case, I was on a team that was helping the Fond Du Lac Senior Center redesign their website. This paper shows a clear difference in writing between my first three years and now. As a journalism minor the classes I have taken to acquire that minor have benefited my writing skills and made me pay more attention to the details of my writing.


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