Next Generation of Communication

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It seems that each year there is a new technology being brought to a vehicle and different automobile company’s are constantly competing to bring the most innovative technology to new vehicles. We have seen huge enhancements in both performance and appearance. But also, we have seen the automobile industry incorporate new technologies to make our driving experience safer, easier, and more enjoyable. In the past ten years we have seen improvements such as back up sensors, multiple directional cameras, GPS, automatic lights, and even Wi-Fi capability. We could start seeing something in the next couple of years that will change driving and make roads safer.

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is essentially the process of vehicles connecting through Wi-Fi signals to give the driver a warning before that person can see it. It supplies coverage around your entire vehicle to give you, the driver, a helping hand to make sure your car remains in one piece.

There are a lot of great possibilities that can come out of this system. It has the capability of monitory speed, lane changes, alerting you to cars in front of you that are breaking or accelerating slowly, and even operating your headlights and wipers, making it easier for the driver to maintain focus on the roads. The system costs $350 per vehicle, and could save upwards of 1,000+ lives per year.

The only issues with V2V is that the communication will not work if other vehicles aren’t equipped with this system. Liability could also be a debating issue if something were to go wrong while a vehicle has this system active.

This is a new technology that a lot of people say they would benefit from, and we could be seeing this system starting to get implemented in every new vehicle made very soon. Cadillac’s CEO has already made a statement saying they will be the first company to bring V2V technology to their 2017 CTS mid-size sedan. I would love to see this technology in every vehicle on the road as we keep progressing in a technology-based generation. Having witnessed numerous accidents in my lifetime, I can say that this communication would have prevented a majority of those accidents from happening.

Here’s a video that shows how V2V will improve our transportation.

I ask you, will this help driving in the future?




One comment

  1. graceriggert · November 10, 2015

    I’ve seen this kind of tech popping up on what seems like every car commercial. Good job explaining this really innovative technology!


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