A Life of Snaps

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Snapchat is one of the most trending social network applications today, and probably my favorite. As of today there are currently 100 million active users, and 18% of all social media users are on Snapchat. Anyone who has been an active user of Snapchat could tell you that there have been many improvements since the time it came out in 2011. But how much more can they do?


To give a little history, Snapchat was discovered by current CEO, Evan Spiegel and cofounders Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. It all started in 2011 at Stanford University when Brown said “I wish these photos I am sending this girl would disappear.” From there it has taken off to become a multi-billion dollar business. Interesting enough, the app’s original name before being launched was,”Pictaboo.”

What is it?

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Snapchat is a social messaging application that allows you to use images, videos, writing, and drawing to share content with friends, family, and even the community through stories which are a collection of snaps from a single user, or many users. For example, I could post snaps that I take to my story so my friends can see it. But in certain areas and at certain events, snapchat will hold a story that any user can post to and employees get to decide which ones make it on that story which can be viewed by any user. Snapchat has been a perfect fit in our current generation. Much of what attracts users on social media nowadays are visuals. We prefer to see something, rather than read.

Where will it go?

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Snapchat continues to amaze me with the new features that are continuously added. Each time there is a new update I think, “how can Snapchat continue to improve?” They strive to keep extending their network to incorporate more users through stories from different regions of our world to make the app more social and make users more aware about what’s happening in our world. From a business standpoint, Snapchat has done a great job at integrating advertisements into their snap stories and main menu. Snapchat will continue aiming to be the best mobile advertiser on the market and is projecting their revenue at over $50 million in 2016. I also believe Snapchat will broaden its stories and narrow them down to city events so people in the area can see what is going on near them. On top of that there has been a lot of discussion that Snapchat is looking to partner with music companies such as Spotify and Vevo to promote musicians. Being a rapidly growing app and so easy to use, we are seeing a wide variety of age groups joining the app. Unfortunately this has included my mom, my friend’s moms, and my aunts.

Where do you think snapchat will go from here? Will it continue to grow?

My Snapchat icon

Start snapping!



  1. megklam · October 22, 2015

    It’s interesting to see how far Snapchat has come over the past few years! I was apprehensive about the app at first, and now it’s my favorite way to connect with friends.


  2. themisskristine · October 22, 2015

    The original name “Pictaboo” definitely explains the ghost. I thought it was a myth that Snapchat was made with the idea of wanting pictures sent to a girl to disappear.

    Now, like you, my parents are on Snapchat and I get many pictures of the dog.


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