The Glasses of Tomorrow

Technology is changing daily and new trends are arising. We have seen everything from desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and watches becoming smarter and more influential on our everyday lives. Now, could we start seeing a movement in eyewear? Google is in the the process of redesigning the Glass which will give people an entirely new way to see technology.

What is it?

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Google Glass is ultimately a computer on your eyes that allows you to do just about everything that is possible on your phone or tablet. You can take pictures, record videos, share content with your contacts, search the web, look at weather, access your calander, and even make phone calls.

When will it hit the market?

The eyewear was announced to the public in 2012 and went through a lot of testing the past few years. In 2013 they noticed it was not near a launch. Many testers noticed crashing, uncomfortable fit, and not a great look for today’s current fashion. This past February Google brought in a new designer (from Apple) who has decided to start from scratch and give the Google Glass a whole new look and feel. The new designers said they will not release this product until it is “perfect.”

How will it impact us?

In my opinion, Google Glass will have big impacts on many lives but I see law enforcement and the healthcare industry benefiting the most.

Law enforcement – With police officers wearing Google Glass they will be able to communicate with other officers, get to places quickly and efficiently with GPS directly in front of them, record criminal situations, and potentially even look up a person’s background directly through the Glass.

Healthcare – Doctors and nurses go from patient to patient on a daily basis. Getting one’s information brought up immediately so you can think ahead instead of scrambling around to find a clipboard would be a huge advantage. A doctor or nurse would always be one step ahead which could help save someone’s life.

I understand Google is not completely there yet on the Glass but this is a product I believe could make a difference in everyday activities whether you use it for work, or your own personal use. Keep an eye on this product as they are expecting the redesign to be finished in 2016.


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