Brewers Future

So far, this season for the brewers has been a big disappointment to many fans and the team. Starting out the year with a 7-18 record, worst in the MLB, in the teams first 25 games was not something many were planning on witnessing. Not to mention, the Brewers have been playing 28 games under .500 in the last 100 games. For that reason, and the meltdown they had last September before the playoffs, the brewers announced Sunday night that Ron Roenicke has been relieved of his duties. The following day Craig Counsell, who is a Wisconsin native and played with the ball club for 6 years out of his 16 year career, was hired as manager to replace Roenicke.

craig-counsellMany people are quick to make judgements upon the hiring of Counsell because of the below average player he was while playing. I believe this is a great hire for the Brewers because of how young Counsell is. Being only 44 years old, Counsell should be able to connect with players better than other, older managers in the MLB. I believe Counsell has a lot to learn being in his first ever managerial position, but he is knowledgeable enough when it comes to getting the most out of players and playing guys to their advantage. He is a great starting point to this organizations rebuilding process.

As for the team itself, the farm system for the Brewers is down and has been the past few seasons. I do not believe the Brewers would be doing anyone a favor by keeping Kyle Lohse, Aramis Ramirez, and Gerardo Parra who are all in their contract season. On top of those three players, I would like to see if Milwaukee could get anything for Adam Lind, Matt Garza, Neal Cotts, and Fransisco Rodriguez. I believe the brewers are at a point where they need to start fresh and get rid of most of these veterans.



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